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Why not share your good fortune?

Pickleball just makes you feel good. So does being kind and compassionate towards others. This is the space where you can share the causes you care about. Simply go to our contact page and send info, either along with a blog entry about a cause you support, or simply with a link to the charity or organization you would like to support!  Then check out what your pickleball cohorts are up to as we all make this world a little bit better, one dink at a time!

Random Acts of Reading

Eifrig Publishing is collaborating on a new non-profit organization, Random Acts of Reading*, to promote literacy, creativity, writing, and activism for kids.  It organizes affordable meet-the-author events for schools and community groups by "paying it forward" and provides discounted and free books to students. When a school brings in an author for a meet-the-author event, RoAR provides an event for a nearby school. With sufficient funding, each child receives a free book with the author visit (made possible through the concept of "paying it forward" by any families who would like to contribute to RoAR or purchase books).

RANDOM ACTS OF READING is also encouraging creativity by sponsoring an annual writing contest for kids, YACK! (Young Authors-Creative Kids!).  Every story submitted will be added to a free online library so kids around the world can enjoy each other’s stories. One winning manuscript each year is published under the Eifrig Publishing** young author imprint, YACK!, with all proceeds going to the non-profit of choice of the winning author. 

If you know of a school that would like to host a meet-the-author event or a school that would enjoy one, please contact us. Or you would like to support the efforts of RANDOM ACTS OF READING at other schools, you can make donation, purchase for yourself or others through our affiliate program and dedicate proceeds to RoAR), or becoming involved, (just send us an email to roar(at)  

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